As a homeowner you might love the “do-it-yourself” projects. With all the online video tutorials you have access to, taking on home repairs, including plumbing fixes, might seem like the natural, and only way to do it. DIY projects are sometimes effective, but there are many issues that require professional plumbers.


Here are some basic guidelines on when to do it yourself versus when to call a professional plumber:


Do-it-yourself fixes


In the DIY category, we included plumbing problems that are less complex. If any of these issues grow, please contact an expert.


  1. Dripping faucets. Fixing a leaky faucet is usually straightforward. Buy the replacement parts, follow an online video and get the job done!
  2. Clogs. We are sure you could also tackle a clogged toilet or sink, or a slow draining sink or shower. You only need a plunger and a bit of elbow grease!  Avoid chemical-based drain cleaners as much as possible, as they are very corrosive for your drains.
  3. Installing hardware. When you need to install new faucets, shower heads or toilet hardware, follow the manufactures’ instructions for installation and a video tutorial.


Depending on the repair or replacement job, remember to turn off the water before starting the work!


Call a plumbing professional when…


  1. You renovate your house, including the plumbing system. Re-threading, sealing, modifying, updating, moving or re-piping are all complex jobs that only professional plumbers can do. The experts will also provide you with the proper permit necessary for your renovation.
  2. Your pipes are broken or frozen. A professional plumber will recommend and implement the best solution to repair a broken pipe. The plumber will also determine the cause of the damage and fix that too.
  3. Installing or repairing sump pumps or water heaters. Both sump pumps and water heaters play an essential role in your plumbing system. So, repairing or replacing them requires proper professional work.
  4. Replacing toilets, dishwashers or garbage disposals. These are not super difficult jobs, but they demand caution, as there is always a risk for flooding and leaks.


Before starting your DIY plumbing project, make sure you have all the tools and hardware you need. Also, check Kwick-Fix contact details, in case you need help from a professional plumber.

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