Believe us, because we are professional plumbers with more than 15 years of experience: we have seen many (really many!) toilet clogs. By now, we can guarantee that we know 99.9% of the reasons for a toilet clog, and we are also fully aware that this can be very stressful for homeowners.


Avoid serious clogging and toilet drain repairs or replacement, by learning about the most common reasons for a toilet clog


  • The flushing of inappropriate items is the cause of the majority of the toilet clogs. Here is a comprehensive list with the objects that should never reach your toilet: paper towels, large wipes, facial tissues, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, hair, dental floss, toilet cleansing pads, etc.
  • Shortly, only toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet. However, use a reasonable amount of toilet paper on your drains. Also, make sure that your plumbing system can handle toilet paper!
  • An old and poorly maintained plumbing system can also cause low flow toilets and frequent toilet clogs.
  • A blockage on your vent pipe can also result in repeated toilet clogs.


If you can educate yourself and your family members to use a wastebasket for all the items that should never get in your toilet, it’s harder to solve the other plumbing issues that cause toilet clogs. Reach professional plumbers!


In the event of a serious toilet clog, call Kwick Fix – your 24-hour emergency plumber. We are also here to clean, fix or replace old toilet drains, or clear your vent pipe.


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