Spring is here! The cleaning and maintenance season now started for all homeowners. Checking and maintaining your home’s plumbing system should be on your spring cleaning list as well. Take the following actions to properly keep your pipes and drains in tip-top shape:


The essential spring plumbing checklist for inside:

  1. Check all faucets, toilets, and pipes, from kitchen and bathrooms, for drips and leaks. Tip: record the reading on your water meter at night, then compare it to the morning’s reading – if you observe unexplained water loss, this could be the result of a leak.
  2. Flush water into toilets and less frequently used drains. If they drain slowly, check for clogs and use a snake, if it’s needed, or call a plumber!
  3. Install strainers to your sinks and bathrooms, to prevent hair and other remains or waste from clogging the drain lines.
  4. Inspect your water heater for damage, and flush the heater to clear away any accumulated sediment.
  5. Check the hoses of the washing machine or ice dispenser or from other appliances, and replace these if needed.
  6. Go to the basement, and pour water into your sump pump to check if it is working properly.


The essential spring plumbing checklist for outside: 

  1. Inspect all your exposed pipes for cracks and leaks, as they might have been damaged from the winter weather.
  2. Clear your home’s gutters and downspouts.
  3. Check the outdoor water flow and flush your sprinkler system, while inspecting for any leaks.
  4. Schedule a sewer camera inspection, especially if your sewer system is very old.


If you feel overwhelmed by your spring cleaning list or you want your plumbing system to be inspected by a pro, call us today!




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