Do you frequently face problems with your kitchen or main pipelines? Now is the time to take advantage of our professional high-pressure hydro-jetting services!


For our residential customers, we are currently offering hydro-jetting of your main sewer line with a free camera inspection included for $650. Commercial customers pay just $799.


Accumulation of grease, dirt, and debris over time causes your primary and kitchen pipelines to clog. If neglected for too long, this debris can cause expensive plumbing problems in the future. During our hydro-jetting process, water with a 2500-4000 PSI pressure range is projected from a pump and a jetting machine engine. The nozzle of the pump is inserted into the clogged drain pipes which shoot the water with high pressure in a backward and forward direction. This process clears obstructions in the pipes, like grease, dirt or roots.


In addition, as part of this service, we perform an advanced sewer camera inspection to detect any damage or leakage in the line.


At Kwick-Fix Plumbing, we have a licensed, trained and highly experienced team who is well-versed with the latest plumbing techniques. We provide you 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. Our 24/7 expert service gives you peace of mind. Check out our other specials and Contact us today!


COVID-19 Update: We are open for business! We are taking steps to ensure the highest level of safety and cleanliness standards.