No hot water for your shower can make for a bad morning. For such moments, call us immediately and we can quickly fix your morning! To avoid such a catastrophe, here are some signs telling that your hot water heater is about to fail.

Rusty water

Do you get rusty water coming only from the hot side piping? This could tell that your water heater is rusting away inside or that pipes are rusty. We can run a check, and if the heater is the problem, then it might start leaking soon. Keep in mind that more than 10 years old water heater are usually considered for replacement.

Strange noises

If you hear the tank rumbling, this is probably sediment that accumulated inside as the heater has aged. In this case, the tank needs to be drained and sediment – cleaned out. Otherwise, the heater will use more gas or electricity to heat the water and in time the sediment will destroy the tank.

Corrosion on water line

If you spot some corrosion on any of the lines coming into or going out of the water heater, then that is a sign of a leak from your heater. Call us to check what could have caused the leak and fix it before it gets worse.

Water around the heater

If you find water on the floor next to the water heater, this usually comes out from the tank. A loose or faulty valve, a leaky pipe, an obstructed vent or another defective element could cause the leaking. Do not wait for the big catastrophe, ask our help right away!

Lack of hot water supply or not hot enough water

No hot water at all? This could mean that the pilot light has gone out. The water is not hot enough? Check the thermostat, and if it runs properly, then there is another problem: accumulated minerals inside the tank, the dip tube or other heating element is broken.

Contact Kwick Fix for maintenance services to keep your hot water heater in excellent working conditions and avoid expensive repairs later!


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