We are often asked by our clients if installing a tankless water heater is the right choice. Here is the first answer we give:

  1. On average, in San Diego, heating water can represent up to 30% of your energy costs.
  2. A tankless water heater can reduce your energy consumption by about 20% to 50%.
A tankless unit has also other benefits:
  1. Obviously, it helps you cut costs. As the heater uses less energy, you will save on your utility bills. On average, you can save up to $100 per year.
  2. The tankless water heaters last longer: 10-20 years longer than the traditional heaters.
  3. Maintainance costs are lower as there is no tank to rust, leak or crack… so, there is no risk for flood, either! However, we recommend annual maintenance.
  4. It saves space. A tankless water heater is much smaller in size, so it is the perfect solution for properties with limited spacing.
  5. Because of its special technology, the tankless unit delivers endless hot water.
As tankless equipment uses gas or electricity, make sure there is no restriction service in your area. Also, because of San Diego’s hard water, before installing a tankless water heater, you should get a whole house water softener. Installing a tankless water heater will cost you more, but it lasts longer than a traditional unit and it needs less maintenance.
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