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Have clean and clear main and kitchen lines with our professional hydro-jetting services

$650 Residential Hydrojetting Main Sewer Line With Free Sewer Camera Inspection/ $799 Commercial.

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Kwick-Fix Plumbing offers advanced hydro jetting services in San Diego and surrounding areas to thoroughly clean your main and kitchen lines. Accumulation of grease, dirt, and debris over time causes your primary and kitchen pipelines to clog.

If you are frequently facing problems with these lines, you can avail our professional high-pressure hydro-jetting services to remove grease and debris and clear your clogged lines. During the hydro-jetting process, if our experts detect any damage or leakage in the line, we can also perform advanced sewer camera inspection to find the problem.

What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-Jetting is a high-pressure professional cleaning of drains and sewer line, which helps thoroughly clean and clear your clogged drains. It is also known as ‘drain jetting’ or ‘high-pressure drain cleaning.’

It is an inexpensive way to clear clogged drains quickly. This environmentally safe and cost-effective process is useful for the preventive maintenance of drains in both residential and commercial properties.

How is Hydro-jetting Performed?

During the hydro-jetting process, water with a 2500-4000 PSI pressure range is projected from a pump and a jetting machine engine. The nozzle of the pump is inserted into the clogged drain pipes which shoot the water with high pressure in a backward and forward direction. This process clears obstructions in the pipes, like grease, dirt or roots.

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At Kwick-Fix Plumbing, we have licensed, trained and highly experienced team who is well-versed with the latest drain cleaning techniques, including hydro-jetting. We provide you 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. Our service gives you peace of mind that your problem is handled by expert hands that are at your service 24/7.

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