Sooner or later, you will need a plumber in your home, whether it’s a burst pipe, a leaky faucet or some maintenance work. We’ve prepared a list of questions you should ask before hiring a plumber. These five questions will guide you in getting qualified help for both minor or major plumbing issues.


1. Is the plumber authorized?


In most states, plumbers need to attain a license or must register with the state. You can request evidence of registration or check the plumber’s license number on the state government’s website. Never contract an unlicensed plumber! Don’t be shy, ask about the plumber’s training and experience, and solicit references from previous clients.


2. What is the total cost?


Most plumbers will only give you onsite estimates, which means they need to visit your home and assess the situation.
  1. Make sure you get more than one written estimate, before choosing which plumber to work with.
  2. Discuss the costs of parts that need to be replaced, the costs of labor, and in some cases, the costs of cleaning.
  3. Ask about any unexpected costs that might occur during the reparation.
  4. Find out if the labor costs represent a fixed or hourly rate. If you need to pay by the hour, then request an accurate estimate of the time needed for such a plumbing job.
  5. Finally, ask when the payment is due.


3. Who is doing the job?


For a small company, the plumber who makes the estimate for the work needed will, most likely, also be the person completing the job. However, in larger companies, another person or a subcontractor might do the actual work, and you should be informed about this situation upfront. Also, you could ask for details about the new person’s training and experience.


4. Is the work guaranteed?


Inquire about the specifics of the guarantee before signing the contract. File the guarantee or agreement in a secure place, in case you ever need to follow up on the work done.


5. Bonded and insured?


You have the right to ask if the plumber has the appropriate insurance to cover any accidents that might occur while on the job. You do not want to be legally responsible for any injuries the plumber might experience while working in your home.


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