Kwick Fix stays open for operation during the COVID-19 outbreak, like many other businesses ready to serve their clients in these very challenging times. For all the grocery stores, retailers, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, food delivery services, etc., we prepared for you some tips to prevent urgent plumbing situations.


  1. Keep grease away from your plumbing system! Regular maintenance for grease traps is essential for restaurants, but also for all businesses that have a kitchen. During these days, clean your grease trap more often to prevent buildup and clogs… and any emergency call! If you do not have a grease trap, be careful about what goes down on the kitchen sink drain. Never wash away grease or oil!
  2. Train your staff to flush nothing else than toilet paper into toilets! Paper towels, wipes, facial tissues, kitchen napkins cannot replace toilet paper, as these will develop clogs and give you big headaches. If your toilets get clogged, always use a plunger or a plumber’s snake.
  3. Check the water pressure in the system. It should be between 40 PSI and 80 PSI. Too high water pressure can damage the fixtures, the pipes, but also your water heaters. You want no flood during these days! So, also test the shut-off valves and the backflow devices.
  4. Inspect for active or past leaks. Make sure you have no running faucets or toilets, water spots on floors, walls or ceilings, moisture or mold, corrosion around fixtures, etc. If you find any leak fix it or contact us immediately to fix it for you before it becomes a real issue.
  5. Maintain your heating system. Check for leaks or corrosions, check the temperature and the water pressure, and test the safety of the heater’s valves. If you detect serious issues, contact us. Our technicians provide reliable solutions!


Implement these plumbing tips and your business will go successfully through the quarantine without any serious problem! Count on us! Kwick Fix professionals are one call away for any plumbing or cleaning emergency you may have.


COVID-19 Update: We are open for business! We are taking steps to ensure the highest level of safety and cleanliness standards.