Your morning shower can easily transform into a stressful situation when you are suddenly faced with an annoying clogged drain. All your day might be ruined by fixing the problem and getting to know the cause of the issue. A sewer camera inspection performed by Kwick Fix can quickly solve the problem, save your time, money and stress in the long run.


Not sure if your plumbing system really needs a camera inspection? Here is a list with top benefits of a sewer camera inspection:

  • It identifies the drain problem quickly and accurately. For that, we use high-resolution cameras operated by highly skilled and knowledgeable plumbers.
  • The camera shows us if you face a one-time problem or if it may actually be a recurring issue.
  • Sewer camera inspection saves time and money, as our plumbers can identify the issues without digging your yard or destroying your home’s walls or floors. 
  • During the inspection, our plumbers can observe other small issues or potential problems in your drain system, advising for prevention or maintenance actions.
  • Also, we can assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer lines.
  • The camera can also spot damages caused by aging, root intrusion, leaking pipes, pipe corrosion, cracked or bellied drain or sewer lines, etc.


A thorough residential sewer camera inspection will take no more than two hours, and our professional plumbers can run it with no disruption to your home and yard. Call us at (858) 206-9231 to schedule an inspection!


COVID-19 Update: We are open for business! We are taking steps to ensure the highest level of safety and cleanliness standards.